Petroleum Industry

METALITE is the key player in electro-mechanical and civil works for petroleum industry on depot construction, underground and overhead storage tanks, filling gantry, cargo line, fire fighting systems , dismantling, repairs and sandblasting according to API Standards.

Food Processing Industry

METALITE, whose skills not limited to black iron designs and fabrication and installation. Is aggressively pursuing ventures in food processing industry as leader in the specialization of complex and delicate stainless steel requirements like fluid lift pipelines and compressed airlines, filling and packing lines, sanction and forced fan, hot and cold air ducting chimneys, boilers and silos mainly used in the food processing.

Utilities Industry

METALITE's demonstration of commitment to quality and safety brings forth clients confidence of its capabilities in project implementation. Undertaking sluice mechanism, exhaust, air duct piping and chimneys, in the field of power generation, CMTS Phase II, III & IV for both transmission and backbone facilities in telecommunications and rehabilitation for water systems.

Contact Details

  • CDO Office
    Zone 11 Brgy. Baloy, Cagayan de Oro City 9000
    Telefax Nos. (088) 855-2621 / 855-6900
  • MANILA Office
    #152 M. Sioson St., Dampalit-Muzon,
    Malabon City 1480
    Telefax Nos. (02) 447-5249/282-3241/282-4284
    Mobile No. (0922) 899-7064

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